Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Health > Wealth

Feeling lethargic recently? 

Don’t feel as fit as you were when you were younger, or even comparing to the you a few months before? 

Today, let us take a look into our health status. Before we start, ask yourself these questions: 

Are you a frequent meat eater? 

2. Are you addicted to fast food? 

3. Are you suffering from bad breath? 

4. Are you a couch potato? (lazy to exercise) 

5. Does any of your family member suffers from High Cholesterol? 

If your answers are more than 2 "yes ", It’s time to change for a healthier lifestyle. 

Of course, everyone one of us knows that PREVENTION is better than CURE

Many people know the important of health but not everyone is willing to change their lifestyles, especially their eating preferences. Actually, it’s not impossible to find delicious and healthy food.

Health  is  the  most  important asset of our life because  in  some  cases  no  matter  how  rich  you  are,  you  can't  buy life….Many people neglect about perfect health because they are preoccupied with other things they think are  more important. In facts, without health...we would not enjoy wealth at all. That's the reason why I started to take care about my health.

In my opinion, I strongly agree that health is more important than wealth. Therefore, it is better to start taking care of our health before it’s too late

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Skinartesse Undereye Corrector

Hey, I'm back for some updates of myself.

Sorry for the delay. I have wanted to blog about this for a long time but i don't have time. 
Today, I'd like to share about something that i just did in Dr.Rachel Chew Clinic not long ago.

Besides my skin, another concern was my "tear trough"泪沟. It's terrible. People often asked me "Hey, why are you looking so tired?" when they see me. I said "Ya, can't sleep well last night".. In facts, i slept more than 8 hours per day. Sad but true, no matter how many hours of sleep i have.. I'm still looking TIRED. Because of my stupid TEAR TROUGH. I am so tired of these ugly tear-trough hollows that make me look so much older. I had these since i was nineteen, i've no idea WHY i have these. Both eyes, especially my left side. It's really obvious if you see me in person. 

For me. "You look tired today."
really mean, "You look like shit today.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Star Avenue Leasing Awareness Campaign

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? I have here , but it’s not as huge as having your own physical shop. I’m sure you all would like to have a look at the items first before purchasing them, especially online. Unfortunately, the best we virtual online store owners can do for you is to provide you with measurements and real photos of the items. 

I realized how important having a physical shop is after getting much feedback from customers. 
However, there are a lot of aspect that you would need to think of when you decide to expand your business – the location of your shop, the rental, human traffic and the potential of the place to grow your business. It can be daunting and overwhelming for new starts up – but fret not! Developers nowadays strives their best to solve all these problems and make their property more appealing to business owners. 

Still too many choices for you? 

Don’t worry, I'm here to introduce you an all new Lifestyle Mall by Malaysia’s leading property developer, MAH SING GROUP BERHAD today! Ideal business opportunities for new and existing retailers. 


Agree or not, Location really MATTERS the most. 

I do believe that Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall will be the future potential happening place with all the convenience for its one stop shopping, dining and entertainment destination. A good location is really important for starting a business. 

Star Avenue is only 2 minutes drive to the newly proposed MRT station which provides convenience connectivity to the Kuala Lumpur City and Klang Valley.

It will be the first lifestyle shopping mall and one-stop shopping, dining & entertainment destination along Jln Sungai Buloh. Cater to both family and youths from the neighborhoods. We definitely need a new place like this for family outing, don't we?

Add on, there will be upcoming HELP campus with an estimated 13,000 students and the location is excellent visibility with more than 300,000 daily passing traffic.

It's really potential for doing business in Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall. For example, Opening a gym there would be perfect! Since healthy lifestyle is getting into a big trend now.

Almost everyone goes to the gym nowadays!
The mall will be anchored by a Great-value and Big-variety supermarket and its layout design is specially catered to suit all vibrant of retail needs with emphasis on food & beverage, fashion, entertainment, supermarket, IT & telecommunication, bookstores, toys and accessories. As i mentioned earlier, everything in one mall! 

Star Avenue is a four-storey shopping mall with an attached covered boulevard that is tailored for weekend bazaars, festivities and a wide selection of gourmet restaurants, al fresco cafes and fun & vibrant outlets

FYI, Here's some highlight info: 

Vibrant Environment, nearby RRIM & Future developments, nearby business aspects (schools, college, 360K popularity catchments (surrounded with middle upper class household), 5 minutes away from Subang Airport, International Office Tower 

Hence, better be fast! 

The target opening of the mall is at the 3rd Quarter of 2015.  

For retailers or business personnel whom are interested in expanding business,  

they may call 012 – 504 9827 / 013 – 364 6273 for more information. 

or Visit their website for a bigger picture

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Stress in the moment

It's another sleepless night. Full of thoughts in my mind.
So i guess it's better to express some of my feeling here, if possible.
I wish i'm good at expressing myself, but i'm not. I can't even say it out sometimes.
I might looks quiet, but deep inside. I have so much to say, so much to know.

These days, i've been really stressed. Yes, i mean really really stressed. 
Mainly is because of my online boutique business and blogging. These two is my main income. Yes, I don't have a 9-5 job, that's why people always think that i'm FREE (nothing to do). Basically, i'm not very "FREE", it's just my working hours is flexible. In fact, i didn't even get to rest. I scarify most of my time for my career. There's no break/holiday for me. I have to always be prepared to do my job. When i have extra time, i will just lying on bed and keep my mind blank.(IF only i can). Trust me, it's not easy to mange both in the same time. That's the reason why i'm so stressed out…maybe i'm just not good in managing/my expectation is too HIGH. 

Seriously, handling everything by my own is NOT EASY.
For online boutique. I'm the only one who running it. Multi-task everything by my own. I'm my own purchaser, accountant, model, customers service, marketing, photographer of my own shop. Hahaha, It's really tiring sometimes, i wish i can have someone to help me out. I really wanna expand my business to be bigger, but one person's ability is very limited. Somehow, i need someone. 

If you know me in person, then you would probably know that i'm a perfectionist.
No worries, i'm not that kind of person who want to be perfect in EVERYTHING. Only some particular stuff that i'm concern about. I won't settle for anything less. In life, I always wanted to achieve better. To be independent. I want my own business to be stable, solid and stable income while i'm still young. I wish i can and i'm still working for it. *stress stress stress*

For my blog, I'm getting lesser and lesser of inspiration to blog.
You know what, It's easy to start blogging but it's hard to maintain a blog. It requires a lot of efforts and  heart. Blogging is not easy for me because i can't always TYPE things out. i need inspiration to blog.  *my mind stuck* I really should READ MORE BOOKS!!! I used to be very passionate in blogging…during the time i blogged about fitness. But now…..i didn't even go to the gym sometimes. Just ON & OFF season the whole 2014. *slap me please*…I want myself back, i want myself back T_______T

There is a time i got lost in my life. No directions at all. I've no idea which way should i go.
I wish i could have someone to guide me and motivate me. But then i know i shouldn't always wait for that 'someone' to push me forward. I'm not a baby girl anymore. I should learn how to carry myself and push myself forward without any help. *tough* Independent is the KEY, it's time to make full use of the time of 2015. I always said that i will appreciate my time but then i realized i didn't really make full use of it most of the time. Stop being SLOW & LAZY. Kick the BAD HABIT off Karen.

I guess it's just me talking to myself. Hahaha.

Sorry for the mess. I'm just stressed out.

Full of "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" feeling…

Motivation needed.

By the Negative Karen xx