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Due to my busy schedule, i feel fatigue most of the time. No matter how many hours i slept, it is not helping, especially during travel and after i come back from my work trip etc. It is so hard for me to  stay focus at work, get myself back on track sometimes. I feel like there is not enough fuel for the cells to work well on my body and i’ve no idea why. Traveling can be fun, but at the same time it makes me feel tired and make my skin dry and dull due to the different environment and weather. 

So, it is really important for me to find something that can solve my problem at once to avoid the hassle. 

In facts, our bodies are constantly under attack by free radicals, that can come from naturally physiological reactions or external stresses that came from our daily life. Here is the symptoms of premature ageing

 • Poor immunity
 • Joint inflammation & varicose veins
 • High blood glucose
 • Heart problems/clogged arteries
 • Poor eye health
 • Respiratory problems

If you feel the any of these from above, you should probably try this out.....

I’m glad i found this to cure my problems at once. SUPER OPCs with its premium formula. Ingredients are plainly stated, and they are mainly: French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, French Grape Seed Extract, French Red Wine Extract, Bilberry extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract, Vitamin C, and Potassium.

Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and remove them from the body.  Long-term damage by free radical attack is the cause of many effects of premature ageing and problems relating to poor circulation. Our body needs powerful antioxidants such as OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) to protect it against these negative health effects!

LABO Nutrition is dedicated to the research and development of superior, scientifically-supported dietary supplements, aimed at improving the quality of daily life. 

There are 12 amazing benefits of SUPER OPCs:  
  • Healthy circulatory system 
  • Venous circulation in the legs – varicose veins 
  • Heart health 
  • Healthy blood lipid levels 
  • Healthy blood pressure 
  • Good eye health 
  • Good skin health 
  • Joint health 
  • Immune health 
  • Respiratory health
  •  Energy and Vitality


Mix 1 scoop (150mg serving) to 60ml water (¼ cup) once daily on an empty stomach

It is made of isotonic powder form. OPCs is the best form of antioxidant , more powerful than vitamin C and E. When it is correctly mixed with water, it can be absorbed by the small intestines within 5 minutes! Better absorption, As compared to common antioxidant tablets that may take longer time for complete absorption. Drink it with empty stomach every morning! 

Pour a small cup of water, mix it with one scoop of super OPCs and stir it evenly. It comes with a plastic scoop that is the size for one serving. 

I really enjoy drinking Super OPCs every morning because it helps to maintain my healthy and the collagen of my skin. The taste is like a hint of grape but not as sweet. Quite nice to drink. After consuming for few weeks, I feel less tired throughout the day and my skin is more glowing after drinking for a month. Love the results so much! 

For those who are interested to purchase, feel free to visit their website at https://lifestreamgroup.com/super-opcs

Remember to quote <KAREN20> to enjoy RM20 off when you check out, 
valid for 2 weeks till  18 Feb 2018.”

Enjoy shopping! 

It’s been years since I shared my daily makeup routine. My first concern is my skin because i have uneven skin tone, scars and dull skin. Finding a foundation that suitable for my skin wasn’t quick and easy for me. I tried a lot and this is by FAR the best option I have found. Goodbye foundation and bb cream! In my everyday make up, i use cushion instead of foundation because it is much more easier to apply and more even application. I don’t use concealer all the time, unless there is a photo shoot and event day. If you ask me, my priority for my daily makeup would be cushion and lipsticks. This two item is a MUST! Recently, i’ve came across this newly launched product from THE FACE SHOP which is Anti-Darkening Cushion & Flat Lipsticks and i’m in love with it.  

Cambodia is always one bucket list and finally i’ve tick it off my list last month! This trip is truly amazing and memorable. It is a family trip with my parent and some of their friends. We took MAS Airlines this round because it is a very last min booking, the ticket costs us around 600-700+ per pax. After flying for 2-ish hours, we arrived.


So, it is like a total 6 of us in a group. For the transportation, we booked a driver guide for our tour, it is around 180USD for 4-5 days ( full transportation and airport pick up ). I would highly recommend to book a driver during the tour because it is much easier. Tuk tuts might be the easiest way and most common transport in Siem Reap of getting around. But it is not as cheap, every ride is around $2 USD/ $12-20USD for a whole day that included a drive out to the attractions. I wouldn’t recommend that because tsk tuks is open vehicles, and the dirt roads are dusty..So it is better to just book a car to drive you around like we does.

If you are looking for driver, you may contact WeChat/Line @Zhiben63 for the tour. 
He is really good. 


You can get a SIM Card as soon as you exit the airport. The stand is outside, on your right as you exit and the one i get is $3USD for unlimited data up to 7 days, super cheap. 

                          BEFORE WE STARTS, here’s some TIPS for traveling in Cambodia .....

1. Bring US dollars.
2. Forget the high heels. Many of the streets are dirt roads with pot holes. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Bring sunscreen and hat, wear light clothes but not too revealing ( avoid sleeveless, off shoulders, or shorts below knee length )

So you've got 3 days in Siem Reap and you want to hit the highlights. What should you do? Where should you eat? Where should you stay?

Like most tourists visiting Siem Reap, my guess is that the primary reason you want to go here is the Angkor Wat so let’s focus on it first. We even woke up early for the sunrise, but it was a bit disappointing cause it is so crowded and i couldn’t get a good view and picture of the sunrise. So you can skip that, i prefer SUNSET so much more! 

The whole area is HUGE, you probably won’t be able to visit ALL the temples in a day. For me, i spent around two days visiting this attractions. Based on my experience, if you really want to take your own pace, buy the 2 days ticket so you can have more time taking pictures. OR, you can also buy the one day tickets, but just visit the famous temples only. Well, Angkor Wat is one of the most famous temple in Angkor. Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century, making it younger than Stonehenge, the Pyramids and the Colosseum, but older than Machu Picchu (Peru). Awww so many bucket list that i want to visit. But ONE by ONE.  

As i said, the area is HUGE and there are thousands of temples. So which one to visit?

  • Angkor Wat
  • Angkor Thom
  • Bayom Temple ( with the buddha face)
  • Ta Prohm ( with the trees)

Here is a map for your reference. So you can plan where to visit first in advance. 

Pre Rup
Ta Phrom 
“The One with the Trees” as it’s often better known. Ta Phrom is one of the most extraordinary temples I’ve come across. It is also one of the place where Angelina Jolie’s movie take place. 

Love the beauty and the age of the Ancient temples.

Tips : Always carry your ticket, make sure you don’t lose it or else you might need to buy another one. It will be checked upon each park entry and at major temples. There is a significant fine for not possessing a valid ticket inside the park.

Entrance Pass/Fee(s)

 Angkor Pass (The ticket can be get in the ) 

Fee(s):USD62 / 3-days visit (photo required)              
USD37 / 1 day visit (photo required)

Banteay Srei

This place is including in the ticket you bought for Angkor Wat but it is not in the area. This is another lesser-known gem of a temple, Banteay Srei sits approximately 25 kilometers from the Angkor center and about 32 kilometers from Siem Reap, but it is well worth the drive. Built in the 10th Century, Banteay Srei pre-dates Angkor Wat. Considered as the jewel in the crown of Angkorian artisanship, it is an amazing art gallery of Angkor. 

Besides these, i also went to Ton Le Sap Lake which is basically a huge lake with floating village around. I wouldn’t recommend that place because it is like Kuala Selangor to me, nothing much to see. But if you really want to experience it, can go for the sunset view. ( you can see a sneak peak of this place at my travel vlog, scroll down and watch )


at Pub Street, the most happening place in town. Here, you can find dozens of restaurants, cafés and pubs specialising in varied kinds of cuisines. Not to mention, their draft beer is super cheap! It is only 0.50 USD per glass. Many of these open as early as 7am, so all your dining and drinking needs would be well satiated.

Cambodia Hotpot is a must! You can find it everywhere in Cambodia, especially Pub street. 

Last but not least, here is a summary of my Cambodia trip. Check out my travel vlog and don’t forget to subscribes my Youtube Channel cause i will be doing more video in the future. love!

Thank you for watching <3
Yes, i’m back to Seoul again. Because there is so much more to see and do in this kimchi land! This time, i’m travelling with my Indonesia squads - Bobo and Nana. I didn’t really explore much of the food during my last few visits. I really thought it was just Korean BBQ, fried chicken and Dak galbi in Korea but i was wrong. Apparently, There are still a lot of nice food and i’m glad i manage to try some of the really nice one! woohoo. Scroll down to see more...
Us, visiting Gyebokgung palace.
I’m back to one of the most familiar city i’ve been visiting again! Almost losing my counts of visiting Hong Kong, but still there is so much more so see and explore in this busy city! This round, it is for the most beautiful season of the year! I really love the weather in Hong Kong during year ends, not too cold and so chilly.
Christmas is the season to be jolly! If you have no idea where to go this season and are looking for something different to do, read on and mix up the usual festivities here where i’m about to share with you guys!
There is one things I don’t like being a woman is the Menstrual cramps we have every months. It can be very irritating and distracting sometimes. I’m pretty sure every woman knows how it feels. Cramps, It’s common to feel discomfort around your abdomen, lower back, and thighs when you’re menstruating. During your period, the muscles of your womb contract and relax to help shed built-up lining. That is the reason why we feel extra tired and muscle soreness during period.

Due to my busy schedule, it is impossible to delay my work because of Menstrual cramps.

So, what’s my Solution to Menstrual Cramp?

Of course, it is my new discover AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO HEAT PATCH FOR MENSTRUAL PAIN. Basically, it is a heat patch that you can just stick it on your tummy. It helps to reduce menstrual pain by a non-medicinal heat therapy. It will provide stable and safe temperature (40°C) up to 8 hours. It also helps improve blood circulation and effective in pain relief. The heat is activated when it is exposed to air/the sticker is pulled out. Also, it is odorless
Before I discovered this heat patch, I was just drinking hot water or using a warm bag to make myself feels better. But then I realised sometimes it is so much of a hassle especially when I’m already in pain. I just don’t feel like moving at all. Also, I can’t carry a warm bag and hot water around if I’m outside. And, I don’t usually eat pain killers during menstrual cramp because I’m afraid there might be some side effects. After I’ve found this solution, it has made my life much more easier. Simply because it is easy to use and easy to bring around.

The patch has a unique curved shape that fits perfectly on the tummy and it is used to relieve stomach discomfort cause during menstruation and it warms up physically around 40 degrees for 8hours and it feels comfortable.

It is so helpful and convenient 

For those who are interested to get one. It can be purchased at RM11.50 (for 2 pieces in a box) at nearest pharmacy such as Watsons, Guardian, Caring, other independent pharmacies.

You know that groggy feeling when you woke up every morning? Not because of late night sleep or went yumcha till wee hours in the morning or anything. I will have that uneasy morning. Tried few tips from friends and family until one day I found what worked best for me. It is C-O-F-F-E-E !! What a simple solution. I love drinking coffee every day before I hit the gym or even before going to work. It helps to improve my mood by A-LOT!

Since drinking coffee has become a daily routine, it is really important that I find a good quality coffee that is is affordable and convenient. Well.....I’m glad I found McCafe!     

First of all, the taste. It is rich and has aromatic smell. You know why? Because McCafe coffee is freshly brewed from 100% premium quality Arabica beans and handcrafted by their trained baristas.     

Water is the most important things in the world. Enough said. Yes it is. That is the reason why, we all must constantly adding water to our body in order to keep it hydrated at all time. Water is essential for proper circulation in the body. The levels of oxygen in the bloodstream are greater when our body is well hydrated. On top of that, Water can be a miracle cure for many problems such as headaches, fatigue, and much more. Do you know? We can go for weeks without food, but only 3 days without water! Now you know how important to keep yourself hydrate all time.

Melbourne is without any doubt one of the most interesting cities in Australia. I’m so happy Melbourne is finally checked from my list. I really love Australia because it is a really nice place to chill and to travel. Nice weather, nice architecture, nice coffee, nice food, nice everything. I’ve blogged about my Melbourne trip (PART 1) H-E-R-E. If you are not into skiing and the chilling wind, let’s hop back to the city. 

Trust me, There really is something for everyone here, no matter what your budget or preference are.  The streets are very easy to navigate, and the city’s laneways offer a shopping and dining experience like no other. In the alleys lanes, it is covered in world-class street art, hide beautiful cafés and bars.

EVERYWHERE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Almost every corner in Melbourne is effortlessly Instagram-worthy. You can easily snap a few thousand photos in Melbourne.
Photo by SweetEscape


I stayed in Citadines hotel for my last 4 days in Melbourne. The Service and location were awesomely good. Citadines’s located in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District. 
  It’s neat, tidy, modern, no fuss, and has everything you need. 

 It is located at Bourke Street, which is just next to Collins Street, where you can find all the designer brands. The best things about this hotel is the location, making the most of all these wonderful city features is the more easy to access. You can easily catch the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle nearby. And that’s where accommodation choice couldn’t be more important.

Citadines on Bourke Melbourne
131-135 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Public transportation in the city center is FREE as there is a so-called free tram zone. It is pretty easy to get around to most of the main attraction in the city area. However, I would recommend to explore Melbourne by foot, by bike and jump on a tram from time to time. 

Also, you can also join a bike tour to explore the city like what i did.  
The tour is around 4 hours, you can get to see the main attractions and have a better understanding of the alleys and the culture of Melbourne. It is also including a lunch in between the tour. Overall, we have cycled almost 20km. But still, it is fun because the weather is really chill and nice to cycle around.

If you are interested to book at bike tour, please visit 

There’s so much to see and do in this city. I can’t manage to visit all of them but here is some highlights that i would love to share with you about Melbourne

#1 Melbourne St Paul Cathedral Church 

First of all, visit Flinders Street Station first. It is among Melbourne’s most recognizable landmarks & the busiest suburban railway Station and you will find St Paul’s cathedral. It is located at the corner of Swanston and Flinders street junction (opposite federal square), St Paul’s cathedral is a majestic building which will catch your attention due to its rich neo-Gothic styled architecture. It is the landmark of Melbourne City. 

After visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral, you can go to Hosier Streets which is just walking distance.

#2 Hosier Streets

The art culture in this city is so strong. I’m in love! I learned so much about the art scene in the city and developed a much deeper appreciation for why Melbourne attracts so many artists from around the world. No sort of trip to Melbourne would be complete without spending a few hours wandering through Melbourne’s plentiful laneways.

You can find Melbourne’s graffiti scene simply by walking around on our own.
Hosier Lane is easy to find and easy to get to. It’s a 2 minute walk from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square, and runs between Flinders St and Collins St.


The State Library of Victoria is a historic institution that sees 8 million visitors a year. Originally built in 1856, the library has grown into an event space that’s a source of pride for city residents. Come here before it opens and you’ll see a queue of people ready to pounce on the open desks. The famous central rotunda with its octagonal shape, original dark wood furniture, and book-lined walls is definitely something not to miss. 

There are a number of free tours of the library to teach you more about its history and striking architecture.

The State Library of Victoria 
328 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000 
Mon to Thu: 10am – 9pm 
Fri to Sun: 10am – 6pm


I’m sure Queen Victoria Market is not a stranger to the travelers, It is like the MUST VISIT place in Melbourne. However this round I visited South Melbourne Market instead. 

I personally prefer the South Melbourne Market compared to Victoria Market as it is like a mini version of the Queen Victoria Market. Lesser tourists. This market a fabulous range of the freshest and highest quality foods and Deli items and a small range of clothes, gifts, home wares etc.  

You will find a bit of everything in the market. While food and coffee is my favourite part! 
Fresh oysters and seafood is a MUST 

Meet my travel buddy, Jean 
I would recommend heading there on an empty stomach, so that you can try all the goodies 

 Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets, South Melbourne  
Phone: 03 9209 6295

Opening Hours: Wed: 8am-4pm Fri: 8am-5pm Sat: 8am-4pm Sun: 8am-4pm.


The colourful bathhouses in Brighton beach is one of the main attractions in Melbourne. They are extremely colourful huts built in a row on the beach. The most photogenic beach in Melbourne. It’s also a must go place for tourists in Melbourne!
  These Brighton Bathing Boxes are purely used for storage purposes. Most people keep their surf boards, kayaks and other beach equipment in there.

To get to Brighton from Melbourne, simply catch the Sandringham line to Brighton Beach, and you'll be there in a little over 20min. Highly recommend to use to google map, it is more easy to get around. 

Okay, I’m missing Melbourne already. Will i travel to Melbourne again? Definitely YES! 
There is so much more to see and explore in this city, can’t wait for my next adventure.

For those who are interested to fly to Melbourne anytime soon.
Feel free to check out the AirAsiaX flight time here. There are flight available everyday
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 AirAsia X guests can opt for the premium service on the airline to enjoy: 
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How can guest purchase this service?
Log in to www.airasia.com or visit AirAsia Service centre to make booking for FLY-THRU destinations.

Where can guest get information on which flights come with this service?
You can refer to the FLY-THRU schedule available on our website.

Benefits of FLY-THRU

No transit visa
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Quick transit
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 Baggage check thru
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  • Guests do not need to collect baggage at transit hub and check-in again.

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