Friday, 25 July 2014

The Book Shop Bar @Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok

DEARIE!! Finally I'm back from Bangkok, again. yes again.
Yes, i do travel Bangkok very often. It's like 3-4 times a year. I really love Bangkok, a lot. I wish i could afford a condominium in Bangkok so that i can live forever. I said it almost every time i go to Bangkok. Hahaha. But too bad, i can't really speak Thai..maybe after i'm fully master with Thai language then i can consider to migrate to Thailand ka.  

This is a super random trip, never plan for this.. booked my flight few days before the actual day. It costs a bomb. Around RM800++ for the flight ticket to Bangkok, It's really not worthy..because usually it's just 300-400++. But no choice, i have to go this time because my bf is having his school holiday..that's the perfect time for all of us. So yea. 

Bangkok shouldn’t only be about shopping, there’s so much more to it. 
Like exploring some special places & cafe. I found this place from Careen's Instagram. 
Seriously i love this place at the first sight!!

Bangkok is famous for its nightlife, and rightly so. It is safe to walk the streets of Bangkok at night. Even in the red light districts it is no problem to stroll along. For example : Soi Cowboy and Patpong are the two most famous places to try. If you are interested to club in Bangkok, go to ROUTE 66! It's really nice, so much better & of course cheaper than ZOUK KL. Trust me! 

For those not keen to see this side of Bangkok, check this out!!!! 
THE BOOK SHOP BAR which is located at Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok.

The Cafe is underneath the ASHTON Condominium and not in the main night life area, there's nothing special around. So it's good for people who prefer a chill night / just to hang out and enjoy.
I'm really excited when i found this place, almost scream out of happiness!! 
That's why, non-stop talking photo IS-A-MUST!! 
There's a book in every table. Basically there are books EVERYWHERE.
Here's the MENU, not much of choices. The price is a bit overrated (especially the cocktail)
 The cocktails are divided by alcohol level into three stages: Introduction, Chapter 1 and The End.
We did ordered one of their signature cocktail, but somehow i don't really like the taste.

Let's have some tour of the interior, 

One thing I impress about this cafe is the decoration. 
It's like the library in Harry Potter & Wizard of Oz. So AMAZING!!!! 
So magical 

I didn't really enjoy the night because i was too busy taking photo. 
I think my main purpose is just taking photo ONLY.... LOL

We ordered something light because we had our dinner before this.

Blueberry pancake 150 baht 

Hot Mocha 100 baht 

Can't really remember the name of this cocktail. *forgiveme*

Alright, that's all for this article. Just sharing some nice photo i got from The book shop, Bangkok.

For those who are interested to pay a visit, here's the address :

The Bookshop Bar
Address : 88/1-2, Soi Sukhumvit 38
Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok

Daily 11am-Midnight.

BTS station : ThongLo Station
Telephone : 02 187 4949

ps : We go from Sukhumvit Soi 11 by cab. It's around 70-90 baht if not mistaken.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Off to vacation

HELLO PEEPS! How's your day? 
It's like FINALLY.. i can go on a vacation!

WELL, It's another random trip with my love one today, it's really random. 
Just bought the flight ticket few days ago. Just to taking a few days off…. A short getaway to release my stress. Thanks GOD….Everything went well today, safe flight…never miss flight anymore ( i took MAS airline today) ahemmmm…The Hotel is nice too. Guess what, There's swimming pool & gym facilities in my hotel. That's really awesome for gym addict like me, i bought all my gym attire & bikini along this time *so smart huh* I'm planning to do some light workout (so that i won't feel guilty) ..or maybe take some short workout video whenever i have time. Do let me know if you guys have any request regarding workout.. Just drop me a comment will do. (^_-) 

Besides that, I took a lot of nice photos today, walking around.. 
can't wait to blog about the place i've explore today! I will be back sooooooooooooon baby!

Stay tuned people! xoxo

Alright, it's time to rest after a long and exhausting day.
Have to wake up early tomorrow!
Good Night 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Philosophies

How time flies, It's second weeks of JULY already!
Started my workout for more than 1 year already! I'm so happy to see my body progress in this 16 months! Get my lazy ass off to the gym is probably the best decision i've made! I love workout so so so much, i enjoy the soreness & OF COURSE the results...It was always a BONUS. I'm happy to challenge myself harder each time, i really really enjoy it. The feeling is great after i accomplish something by my own hardwork. Trust me, u will love this too! Look back all the photos of my body progress really brings me a memories. From 2013 till now! I took photo of my body every month just to keep track all my body changing these months! Of course, i'm not LEAN & FIT all the time, i have my down time & vacation "season" too! That's why u can see..there's changing on my abs. 
Well, let's get back to topic! I'm here today to update a little motivations for you all, something i keep reminding myself these days. No matter how busy my life heart & my mind is still there. 
Not a single second thought of giving up on my goal!

Today, I'm here to share some philosophies that keep me motivated.

1#      LEARN.

Just learn more. Learning is the first step to progress and growth.  I try to learn more about myself and my world, everyday. So get out there and learn more about your body, learn more about your world, learn more about what inspires you, learn more about your dreams. Inspire yourself everyday!

2#       LOVE.

Above all else, we need to love. Love who we are, where we're going and what we want to be. Everyday teaches us and helps us to grow. Love your life everyday and it will love you back.


The way I see it is, it's your choice at the end of the day. Every single meal you eat is your chance to be healthier. Remember, these choices build up, the more positive ones you make the more positive results you will see. Although i didn't go to gym, i will still control my food intake.


I apply this to every part of my life. Its about breaking up big goals into smaller tasks that you know you can accomplish. It is these little steps we take everyday that bring us closer to what we want. If that goal is to eat healthier, start at one meal each day. If it is to get fit, start with a 10 minute workout/stretch. Discipline can be infectious, just a little bit will go a long way.

What can you do TODAY to bring you closer to your goal.

5#        MAKE TIME FOR YOU.

Reconnect with yourself. Make time to do something that makes you happy. This time feeds our creativity, our positive thinking and our motivation to look after ourselves. If you don't schedule time to do something for you, no one else will. Make it fun and something you WANT to do everyday.

The moral here: If it is something that you truly want, it is a goal – anything else is just a wish.
Life is short so if you have a goal what are you waiting for? Is fear keeping you from going “all in?” For once in your life put 100% into yourself – I promise you will not fail.

Sorry readers, i know i've been neglect about the Fitness posts i've promises before.
But no worries. I will updates it every week this time in my blog & Instagram *promises*

YES, i've been slacking for months. Enjoying all kind of FOOD i never had for so long. 
But in my mind, I'm pretty CLEAR with myself, i remember what my GOAL is, What i want!
Therefore, i'm not giving up. &&&& I really appreciate those who inbox/whatsapp/email to encourage me to keep blogging, you all really gave me a lot of motivations, i'm blessed to have you all, you know who you are :)

 JULY is here! It's another MONTH for all of us.
I will get back to all my routine & work for better results of myself !
For those who are interested to read more of my Fitness tips, Click on the "FITNESS" title at my Categories Bar on the right side of my blog column or Click on Hyperlink below :


Let's work hard together <3
till then :)
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