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Summer is the best season of the year. Ready for an beach vacation anytime soon? 

I know, in Malaysia, it is really hard to find a nice quality bikini with nice design. It is really not much option to choose from. I know, There is a lot from the online website but sometime when i received the products from online shop, the quality is quite disappointing. Especially after a few washes. So i found that it is really a waste of money. I rather spend more on getting a good one, so that i can wear it longer. So recently, i’ve came across this brands from Paris and it is recently launched in Lazada. So i gave myself  try to get one of these 

As i mentioned earlier, my trip begin in Madrid and off to south, Ronda. Ronda is a city in the Spanish province of Málaga, about 100kms from the city of Malaga. We took a high speed train to Málaga and drove around 2 hours to get there. You can also spend a few days in Málaga before heading off to Ronda. It is easier to just rent a car to get around, so you can take your own sweet time to drive there, enjoy the view along the journey etc. 

Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Spain.

I visit Ronda for the first time and i’m in love with this little town, have been dying to return with my loves one in the future! It’s one of those cities that captures your imagination. From beautiful alleyways and cobbled streets, to ancient city walls, the famous new bridge and incredible sweeping landscapes, it’s easily one of the most photogenic cities in Spain. It is a MUST VISIT place in south of Spain! One of my favourite place during this trip! 
There’s no words to describe how beautiful this town are!

Ronda is located on top of a mountain, divided in half by a deep gorge, with panoramic views around the surrounding countryside. There are old city walls, winding cobblestone streets, and Spain’s oldest bull ring. It’s like walking through a postcard! I felt in love instantly. 

The views is breathtaking..

It’s the perfect town to explore, for sipping wine and watching the world go by.
This town is so unbelievably pretty that everywhere you turn is a spectacular photo-worthy view. 

Visit The Puente Nuevo Ronda’s 

It is like the landmark of this town. This 18th Century bridge is what draws the crowds. Joining the two sections of the city, the bridge reaches a height of 100m, with its base deep in the base of the gorge and the Guadalevín river. We took a little walk to the opposite to get a better view of the bridge. 

VISIT THE BULLRING Plaza de Toros - The Bullring

I’m pretty sure all of you know about bull fighting in Spain. It is one of their culture. 
Guess what,  Ronda is actually the birthplace of the modern bullfighting nowadays

There’s a museum and guided audio tours around the bullfighting ring. 
The price of entry is 6.50€ per person and 8.00€ with an audio-guide. 


Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria This hotel is located in the centre of the town, very close to Ronda's landmarks and the famous Tajo de Ronda. Everything is just walking distance in Ronda, spend 1-2 days in Ronda and explore everything by foot. I really love the environment of the hotel! Especially the backyards, the breakfast and of course the panorama views from my balcony. 

My Room for 2 nights 
The breakfast place, the views outside the window is so surreal, like a piece of painting. 

Address: Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria Calle Jerez, 25, 29400 Ronda, Malaga

Trust me, Ronda is one of the place you can’t afford to miss! This place is unforgettable for me, i really love this town. Well, Now you know where to go if you are visiting Spain anytime soon :)

Stay tuned 


Ever wondered which European destinations are the most popular to visit? I start to wonder : why wasn't this city on my list earlier ? It was such a big mistakes. Spain is full of surprises, and i had wonderful memories in Madrid. Basically, It is a city full of life, colors, wonderful architecture and people. In the article, I'm going to share about some highlights of the place I've been in Madrid during my trip. 

First stop once arrival- Alcalá de Henares, the world heritage city in Central Spain, Northeast of Madrid. We walked around in the old city of Madrid after checked in to our hotel, Parador de Alcala de Henares. Everything is just walking distance from our hotel. 

Another short getaway to Singapore with my friends. Basically it’s for the music festival and also most importantly the crazy sale in Singapore on JUNE! Yay! Another shopping trip for us.   
I’ve heard about HomeAway many times, but haven’t gotten around to using it until my recent trip to Singapore. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, basically HomeAway is a platform where allows you to choose from many vacation houses that accommodate your entire family or travel squad during travel. Apparently, compare to others hotel booking, HomeAway is more economical and more spacious. 
I always loved to travel but yet i don’t really enjoy flying most of the time, especially on long haul. Flying can be really tiring if you didn’t get to rest well during the flight. It is hilarious i know, how can you avoid flying if you want to travel so much. Travelling almost every month these days, sometime i really hope there is a transporter where can just send me to my destination in a blink. 

Europe is always one of my favourite travel destinations and this round i’m lucky enough to tick off one of my bucket list - SPAIN! (I will blog about my spain trip soon in my next post, stay tuned) Yes,  Europe is so far away from home...another long haul flight. Long haul flight can be another nightmares for me, But i’m glad i’ve chosen Cathay Pacific Business Class this time. I got no worries at all. 
People love to take selfies these days and share it on social media to make the moment more memorable. Taking a selfie may seem simple, but not all of us manage to get the perfect selfie. So, how do you take a good selfie the first time without wasting time trying to get another one? 

The answer is...get a CASIO SELFIE CAMERA
I’m sure all of you have heard about the legendary Casio TR series Selfie Camera. It is every girl’s dream to have one. I used to have the older version few years back but i’ve stop using it because it is the photo quality doesn’t reach my needs after a few years. But NOW, their latest transformation caught my attention once again. So i got myself a EX-TR80...Guess what, now i’m in love with it.  So happy and i’m going to share about my new toy. The upgraded version is even more better now! 

What to know more? Keep reading.......

The Camera Design is very Chic, Elegant and Classy. Also, offering the handler the convenience when taking a perfect selfie. The surface surrounding the lens is finely shaped, giving it a highly refined look. It is super light, compact and small.

It comes with three color variation : WHITE, PINK, and BLACK

 With a LCD display (3.5 inches) larger by 30% than the previous model.

相信如果有关注我的Social Media都知道我很常到中国旅游,原因是因为爸爸热爱中国文化历史。所以从很多很多年前就开始一年到中国一个地方观光。这次选择了闻名四海九寨沟,所以要去九寨沟当然就是要到成都啊!之前的PO都介绍过了我的九寨沟之旅,所以这篇就像介绍一下 九寨沟这条线可以顺便游玩的几个地方-成都 还有 乐山大佛。想看九寨沟的介绍可以去-九寨沟之旅 看看。


可以选择待在成都2-4天,在成都别忘了感受四川菜尤其是麻辣火锅。想到都流口水了 姐姐。在成都,有几个地方是必定要去的。

Massage makes me feel good and relax most of the time. I always go for regular massage whenever I feel muscles tension after long day of work or even after a workout. Because massages could help cure my muscles pain, reduce stress and even enhance metabolism and circulation! How much I wish I can have a good massage everyday after I got home. Obviously, it is impossible to spend your money on the massage parlour everyday. It is not cheap at all if you do it in a long run. Therefore, the best way to enjoy it anytime you want, as many as you can..is to own a massage chair at your home. Relax and enjoy inside the privacy of your own home. So much better right?  

I’m sure you all know there are lots of different massage chairs in the market. But the most popular brands that came to my mind are probably OGAWA, GINTELL and OSIM. Massage chair is not something cheap, of course it is more important to find a comfortable one than a fancy one. It has to be worth every single cent spent, right? I’ve done my research and compare these brands earlier. After trying on Osim uInfinityLUXE, the newly launched OGAWA master drive and GINTELL DeSpace UFO , i decided to go for OGAWA! Here’s the reason why.....
I’m here to introduce my new toy - Fitbit Flex 2.

Always wanted to have a fitbit and finally i got it and i enjoy having it in my life. The main reason why i need a fitbit is to keep myself active and to track my sleep. I’m a person who can’t really sleep well at night. With this, i can finally track my sleeping hours and my sleep quality. Of course, it has more than one function. Scroll down and keep reading what Fitbit benefits my life. 


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