23 June 2015

Birthday Dinner @Hemisphere Restaurant, KL

This is the second year i celebrating his birthday together with him. Yes, another year of love.

I blogged about his birthday last year too, here's the link. We had Japanese food last year, so this year  we planned to go for something different. My boy is a MEAT lover! In facts, He can't live without protein, he wants to hit his protein macro everyday. So i guess western food has the most proteinnnnn. Hahaha, what a thoughtful gf i am. LOL! 

It is really headache to find a nice place for celebration nowadays. Why? Because there's TOO MANY CHOICES out there! Somemore, you know right, social media addict like us NEED to take nice nice photos. So it's "extra" important to find a right place! hahaha. From western food, japanese food, chinese cuisine, thai cuisine to fine dine etc.  Do you still remember the day we only have "The Ship" and "Victoria Station"? Now…there is TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH choices out there! 

So, i found this place -Hemisphere Restaurant. A brand new Sky Bar/Sky Dining in KL. After all, I wasn't really impressed with the restaurant because this place is not as nice as i expected, not really classy. You can still see people wearing swimwear/sportswear walking pass the restaurant while you're eating -.- …because it's right next to the residence's pool. 

The food price is affordable. Especially the beer! Half pint of beer for just RM11, quite cheapppp!
View the full menu here :

16 June 2015

How to get rid of bloated belly

Dear dear dear readers

I know i've been neglecting my Fitness post. Sorry about that, but i'm trying hard to keep it alive. If you're interested to know more about what i do/eat daily. Feel free to add my snap chat (karenkh0) because for now, that's the most ACTIVE social media apps that i'm using! heheh! Come stalk me if you want! 

Karen Kho is finally back to her routine! Yay! I've been consistently exercising for now! I've lose my usual strength that i used to have after i stopped gym for a while. Now, everything is like starting from zero all over again. I'm trying hard to get my endurance and strength back! This time, I'm going to go further than where i was before! Are you girls with me? :)

As you all know, i'm not aiming to be skinny. I don't like to be skinny. That's not HOT at all.
I aimed to be FIT, strong, healthy and curvy! I'm from 44kg to 49.8kg now in 1 year time! hahaha. My weight is keep gaining in this few months, but my fat percentages is dropping! Meaning that i'm gaining mass, not FAT! heheh. That's probably a good sign for me. 

Therefore, i should work harder to achieve my goal! Yeah! I know i can do it!

Current body progress :

12 June 2015

Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

During short holidays, a staycation getaway is always our ideal choice. On a recent trip, i decided to fly to somewhere nearby. Yes, our neighbor- Singapore!

Singapore has an excellent public transportation system that makes getting around convenient and easy.  We go to everywhere using MRT/Public Cab. Once you've gotten a sense of the metro map, you'll have no problem zipping from one part of town to the next. English is spoken everywhere and signs are in English as well. So, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the city. 

This is the third times i went to Singapore. If you're really craving for some fun place to go in Singapore. You must go to SENTOSA! Most of the fun attractions is over there, ideal for family day!  I've been to Universal Studio during my previous trip, so this round..i went to somewhere NEW - The newly open Trick Eye Musuem, originally from Korea.

The National Icon-Merlion, only in Trick Eye Museum Singapore

The name Trick Eye comes from the shortened form of the term “Trick of the eye”