30 March 2015

Who wants a smaller face?

I'm not sure any of you experience this. But i bet most of the girls understand this "feeling" very well. The annoying feeling to find a good angle to snap a selfie. How much i wish that i can have a perfect face shapes that i can take photo without choosing angle. 

Any angle, Even from the bottom. HA HA HA. Like this….

Seriously. I don't have much confident with my outlook. Especially after the "acne attack" on my face…I really don't have much confident with my look because of the scars that left on my face. Of course, I want to look good and confident. I'm working hard to improve myself, to gain my confident back each day. Every girl wants to look beautiful, right? I know many might debate that look doesn't matters but the truth is, it does, in a way. Accept it. I am not trying to encourage plastic surgery but I am not against it either as long as it's appropriate. A slight touch that makes you feel more confident/ less inferior, why not? A tiny fix that gives a total lift on the appearance, why not? Right?

19 March 2015


I'm here to do a little update of my current life again, just in care you're curious. ha ha!
I've been busy with ton of works, study, and my own business. This March is awesome, I'm slowly getting the things i've wish for. I guess my efforts paid off. Well, i guess i should stay as positive as i can..so that the good things will come. Thanks God for giving me so much opportunities and experience to learned thus far. I'm blessed and i will not stop working for MORE.  

16 March 2015

Lose weight tips for lazy people

Hello readers.

I know it has been a while i never update my blog about fitness. So here it is, a little bit of tips and motivation for you girls..just in case you're looking for some positive energy. Well, I'm not sure how many of you are still reading this site, but i really wanna thanks the people who did. I'm sorry that i can't update my blog very often like how i used to be. But no worries, I'm still here..will share everything i've learn whenever i free.

When we talk about weight loss there are 2163284103293 methods out there each declaring to be better than the other. FOR ME, The only ways get rid of fats are eat healthy and exercise…Losing bodyweight can be a complicated for many people because they never want to go to the gym. They may feel embarrassed or may prefer the comfort of working out at home. ALSO...I know, there is a lot of people out there who can't commit to any of these. So, bellow are a few powerful ways to lose weight for lazy people.

Trust me,

" Losing weight is easier than you think "