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This is probably one of the highlight of my Indonesia trip - Bangyuwangi

All the way from Lombok to Bangyuwangyi just for this Mount Ijen. (Ijen Crater) Ijen Crater, or known to Indonesians as Kawah Ijen, is one of the top recommended volcano in Indonesia to be visited. It is also the first hiking in my life and i gave it to Ijen Crater. Guess what, it is totally worth it when you reach the top! Inside the crater, you will see a magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes flames, blue fire at night and smoky white in the day. 

We took at 4WD (seats 5 persons, excluding driver) up to Pos Paltuding, (where we start hiking) took approximately 1 hour from our Hotel. We gathered at our hotel around 1am that night, only manage to sleep for 2 hours before the hike. But it didn’t dampen my spirits and our determination to hike up and down Ijen Crater to catch a glimpse of the incredible electric blue sulphur flames and sulphuric acid lake! HERE WE GO! 
For entering the park every visitor need to pay entrance fee. It is IDR 15,000 per person.

Yes, we hiking up to Ijen Crater at night 
There are few options for visiting Ijen crater, you can either start at 2 am or 4 am to arrive at the top of the crater by daylight. Many travelers recommend to do the night hiking up to Ijen Crater to catch the magical blue flames or also known as blue fire. To get this, you have to arrive at the top before sunrise of 6 am. The hike up takes 2-3 hours averagely and can be quite steep The good thing is at this time there are not many other tourists around as well. After being mesmerized by the blue flames enough, you can sit back at the summit and wait for sunrise which offers another spectacular view.

We took almost 3 hours to go up because we take it real slow and enjoy the views along the way
There are many stars in the sky during night time. Countless stars, so so so beautiful. Sorry, I didn't manage to take photo of it because i was too busy capture the moment with my eyes. LOL. 

 It was truly a sight to behold on the top! 

My squads 

 We survived! 

So happy i made it with this two ladies, Bobo Mama & Nana Jie jie <3 

Travel Tips
Remember to bring a mask to cover your nose as the pungent odour of sulphur may burn. Also bring warm jacket as the trek at night is cold and temperature may drop to 5C. Last but not least, Travel safe! Take more caution for your own physical condition. Do not push your yourself to go on when you doubt with your own condition. Just follow your own pace. 

Thanks for reading! Read more about my Indonesia trip - HERE

Next destination, BANDUNG!

I'm happy to say that i'm finally back on my fitness track once again. These few years, it is like ON&OFF all the time due to my busy schedule. The changing of my lifestyle and my priorities does effect my fitness routine. There is a time i get out of shape, i lost my motivation, i lost my direction..goals etc. My heart know what i wants but i'm just lazy to commit, too many excuses. But two months back, I've finally pulled myself back up. 

I'm really grateful to have some supportive friends and readers who constantly encourages me to go back to the gym. You guys are my motivation to move forward. I know, i really shouldn't give up myself just like that, i should put more hard work on improving myself even though i have tight schedule. Well, it is time to kick away all my excuses and make progress. 

It is time to find my positivity and my strength back, i should find the old Karen Kho back..hahahaha. I'm sorry that i never update my fitness journey in my blog for so long because I overthink too much! hahahah. I scare i might give up halfway and i'm not very confident with my body right now. But still, it is time to keep my blog alive. But, i will take it slow this time. Whenever i'm ready, i will share my tips and progress on my blog and my social media. So, Stay tuned. 

Recently, i have more time to hit the gym because my bf is working in the gym now.
Therefore, i have no excuses to skip the gym. 

I've changed my workout routine this time. NO MORE CARDIO and focus more on weight lifting and Muay Thai. I wanna be stronger than yesterday. What about you? Stop giving yourself excuses,  stop wasting time. If you are still doubting yourself. Read this, here is some of the reasons to convince yourself. 

1) Increase self-confidence

Most women aren’t aware of the physical strength they truly possess. However, once they increase their strength, they become of aware of their true abilities. Yes, it will be challenging and you’ll have to work hard and train consistently, but you will be able to perform chin-ups with your bodyweight.  It can happen, and it will as long as you train hard.

2) Build the body you really want.

Hours of cardio every week is not the best way to build a lean and strong body. Most women want to slim down; they want to cut down their body fat and build some feminine curves. Unfortunately when most women decide to start exercising, they automatically start doing hours of cardio each and every week. If they do “strength train”, it usually consists of machines or dumbbell exercises with very light weight for high reps.

If you want to shed body fat, build some curves and look better in and out of your clothes, then you need to lift weights (barbells, dumbbells, your bodyweight, kettlebells, etc) and get stronger.

Don’t listen to the cardio queens; strength training is how you build a strong, healthy, and lean body.

3) Leads to positive goals

Trust me, Strength training is a great way to set positive, motivating goals that will keep you going to the gym week after week, month after month, and year after year. And not to mention, allow you to achieve the body transforming results you’re after.

Don’t focus on going to the gym just to burn fat and calories. Instead set performance goals for yourself and adjust your strength training program accordingly.

Once you achieve some of those performance goals, your body will have transformed, and you’ll enjoy the journey it took to get there.

4) Stress relief

Stress at work? Get in the gym, follow your training program, and beat last week’s workout. If you know me in person, workout is my entertainment (because i don't watch tv) and it is the best way for me to release my stress. While Strength training is a great way to relieve some stress in a positive and productive manner. After setting some personal records in the gym, you may have completely forgotten about what upset you to begin with. ALL THE TIME. 

5) Leading by example

Training for strength, improving your health, and becoming the best you possible is a great way to teach the generations behind us; leading by example is much more powerful than words. Don’t let the generations behind you think all that matters is getting skinny and losing body fat. Show them the more positive, rewarding journey of strength training.

Today, Let's create a better self together :)

Thanks for reading, i hope i did motivate you a bit. 
I will share more about my workout routine and some workout tips next time.
Follow @karenkh0 and #karenkhofitness for more updates. 

Every girl wants to be pretty. The first things to take care of is our skin. And, the first thing to do for the skin is to make sure that you eat the right foods, drink a lot of water and also, have a good skincare regimen. Also, It is really important to find the right care routine for our skin. Cleansing and moisturising regularly is not enough, we need to apply serum and some extra care too especially at night.

Well, we are staying in a country where hot sun and air-pollution are always the concerns. Hence, to have that “extra protection” has become essential for us. Recently. i've came across the newly launch THE THERAPY First Serum and THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream from The Face Shop!

The main ingredients in the 1st Serum uses the Thalassotherapy Water, in stead of the normal water and the European therapist’s essential oil formula to heighten the anti-aging effect, and also to form the protection shield for our skin.

THE THERAPY FIRST SERUM (Anti-aging + Anti-dryness + Rich moisture + Exfoliating effect)

THE THERAPY First Serum the essential regimen first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin. It enhances hydration and balancing the skin, to generate the glowing radiance of a healthy and flush skin.

It is important like the first glass of water you drink in the morning, the first care serum as your first step to make ways for deeper penetration to maximize the effect of The Therapy care series.

THE THERAPY First Serum is recommended to use right after cleansing. As the first step after cleansing, the serum helps to balance the skin and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it.

Besides that, you can also use it as :

~ Use it as a pack! Dampen a piece of gauze with the 1st serum and freeze it in the fridge. Put it on the face as a pack for 10 min for its cooling and relaxing purposes.

 ~ Use it as a massage gel! After a relaxing shower, pour the 1st Serum into the warm palm and gently press on the face points (such as the temple, the cheek points and behind the ear). Inhale deeply for the relaxing sandalwood based essential oil will help in relaxing as well.

~ Use as a facial mist! Pour the 1st Serum into a bottle with spray, and spray onto the face as and when you feel that your skin needs it (especially when you stayed in an air-conditioned room for long hours or when you are on the plane).

THE THERAPY First Serum 130ml with retail selling price at RM148.29 (Inclusive GST)


 HE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream is formulated in two layers contain of lightweight essential oil and intense moisturizing cream at the bottom layer. Hand-blended ingredients are combined to create a luxurious cream that gently melts into skin for hydration.

THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream 50ml with retail selling price at RM185.48

 fill the skin moisturise the skin, leaving a dewy and plumped aftereffect

 For those ladies who are looking for anti-aging cosmetics that do not have to do with Oriental medicine and hard-to-breath herbal smells, THE THERAPY range could be the right one for you.

For more information,

 kindly log in to : www.thefaceshop.my 

Peter Berg (Lone Survivor), recently directed a new film based on a true story, Deepwater Horizon. This is the story of the catastrophic explosion that rocked the offshore oil rig. It’s an effective piece of action filmmaking: loud, raucous, and filled with some gripping moments of real dread.    

The story is about a group of engineers who explains the deeply complex and technical work of a floating offshore oil prospecting and drilling rig. Their job is a risky one. It’s somewhat a bit complicated — as it takes you through failures that happens over time. And what comes after that is kinda like Titanic except with mud and fire instead of cold and ice, but no romance.

Deepwater Horizon shows how corporate greed, focusing on profits, and significant inconsideration can lead to a man made disaster. During the climax of the movie, the disaster begins. Soon men are fighting for their lives on a burning oil rig in the middle of the sea. The Deepwater Horizon disaster will be seen as a powerful metaphor for humanity’s arrogance in the same way.

Deepwater Horizon is immensely intense and suspenseful even when you already know the general outcome. During the movie, you will see how selfish a human can be and one wrong decision may causes a disaster.

I really like how the story line at the middle of the movie after the disaster. How the actors help each other during the disaster even though they are individually injured. It is really touching too when the survivors finally get to be reunited with their family. It is a moment most treasured. There is nothing like home. We will never know what will happen next in our life, what we can do is just appreciate every moment we have a make full use of it.    

Overall, this movie is quite good, it ratchets up the tension nicely. I was actually quite tensed up during the movie because some of the scenes are quite thrilling.

Alright, i better not review too much of the storyline.
If you want to know more about the story, remember to watch it at the cinema on 29th of September!

Every girl wants a better facial features, right? Especially in this competitive society. Hahahaha. I know many might debate that look doesn't matters but the truth is, it does, in a way. Accept it. I am not trying to encourage plastic surgery but I am not against it either as long as it's appropriate. But plastic surgery might be a bit risky. If a slight touch that makes you feel more confident/ less inferior, why not? A tiny fix that gives a total lift on the appearance, why not? Right?

I'm sure most of you all know that i've been in Rachel Chew Clinic for almost 2-3 years already. For lasers treatment, facial treatment, botox and fillers treatment. The reason why they had all my trust is because Dr.Rachel always know what suits me best.

Here's my face transformation all this while after Rachel's Skinartesse Heart Face Design using Botox and Fillers to achieve a smaller face and no more tired looking face. As you all see, i used to have chubby face and not symmetrical face shape. Doctor Rachel did botox to reduce my jaw muscles and fillers to fill up the sunken part of my face. At first, i really thought that botox is just for wrinkles, old people. But it is NOT! Botox can helps to improve the symmetry of the face and reduce muscle contractures and spasms. Like what i did here, it works well for me. Saw the changes of my face shape? The best part is.. it is Fast, painless and NO downtime at all. 

 Besides that, i also did my chin fillers to enhance my face shape few months ago.

 & my nose fillers to create a sharper facial features. Goodbye to nose shading like finally!

I know there is a lot of aesthetics treatment all around. Nowadays, People aiming for bigger eyes, sharper face, taller nose and thicker lips etc. But for me, it is not just about having the same typical features to define your beauty. It is more important to be the better version of yourself. Everyone has different facial features, it is really hard to advice what treatment you need to undergoes. At the end of the day, It is all about the ratio proportion of each individual face to create a more natural looking face without going under the knife. In Rachel Chew Clinic, they aimed to enhance your face accordingly to everyone needs. 

One of the great things about dermal fillers are that they work great and the results are instantaneous. I chose to do fillers instead anything else because it gives the most NATURAL results, and also, there's NO DOWN TIME (you can still put on makeup and go out as usual), the results is INSTANT. You can see the results right after the treatment is done. 

It's not permanent, fillers last for 8-24 months. Depending on individual & brands of fillers.
The brands i'm using for my fillers is Juvederm and for my Botulinum Toxin (botox) is Allergan. These two are FDA approved so there is no side effect. Botox last 6-8 months.

Last but not least, as i always mentioned, look for the reliable doctor with licensed and great experiences. Do not simply look for uncertified beautician for aesthetic injection. No matter how cheap the price can be. it is not worthy to risk your life on it.

Love yourself, find the right and trustable one!

To know more about qualified aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, read more :

For those who are interested to know more about this treatment
Feel free to go to their website at http://www.rachelchewclinic.com

Dr.Rachel Chew Clinic

Address: D3-G4-8 .Publika, 
Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1.
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening times: Mon - Saturday: 10 am- 7pm

Contact : +60196211399 or +60328574455 

When you have bad vision, there comes a point in your life where you can make the decision to keep wearing glasses, or to get contact lenses. Contact lenses are a great option for anyone who doesn't want to deal with glasses. ​Choosing the right contact lenses is an important decision that can affect your vision. Therefore, it is really important to find the right and trustable brand. So, i've came across this establish brand- Bausch + Lomb that can be find in all optic shops. 

I love wearing contact lens especially cosmetic lens and I have been wearing contact lenses for almost nine years already. I wear my contacts way more often then I wear my glasses, because in general I find them to be more convenient and easier to wear. 
Why I choose contact lenses over glasses? Mainly, It's because of the TREND! Others than that, I prefer the way I look in contacts. I am very comfortable and more confident with wearing contact lenses. If I wear contact lenses I can put on my make-up and my eye make-up definitely shows better this way, doesn't it? If I have my contact lenses on me, I can also wear stylish sunglasses when travelling or sightseeing on a sunny day. Moreover, I just love the freedom and convenience provided by contact lenses instead of glasses. Especially the enlarging big eyes contact lenses.

You know what, I’ve been wearing monthly disposable lenses before this until i found this daily disposable contact lenses. It is so much better than monthly disposable! Daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for a single day, and then thrown-away. It is more hygienic and so much convenience, especially for traveller like me. I can pack  light when i don’t have to bring my contact lenses solution.

I’ve been trying out the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily lately.
 It comes in 3 different colours :

Aqua Glacier - Alluring aqua sheen of glacier that reflects a fun, approachable and refreshing personality.  

Surprisingly, Aqua Glacier makes my skin looks fairer after wearing it. 

Champagne Brown – Instantly light up your face with dazzling gorgeous brown. Provides a natural classy demure look.  

Pink Rose - For eyes with a scintillating sheen that is distinctively feminine. Pink Rose is a classic symbol of grace and gentleness

Overall, i really enjoy wearing Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily because i have sensitive and dry eyes, it is more comfortable and moisture when i wear it all day long. On top of that, the design of the lens is so trendy and natural, goes well with any of my makeup. Love it, especially the Champagne Brown and the Pink Rose series. Normally, i will just wear Champagne brown whenever i'm lazy to put on make-up cause it looks more natural and effortless. For a date night or outing, i will go for Pink Rose because it is more outstanding especially with make up on, even just a light makeup! Try it out yourself and create your different looks! 

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily is available at all major optical stores nationwide. Visit your nearest Focus Point Optical or Optimal Optical outlets to get your Lacelle Diamond Daily today!

  It retails at  RM42 per box for 10 pieces and RM110 per box for 30 pieces.  

To know more simply check out Bausch + Lomb Malaysia Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lacellemy/ 

 And official website for Bausch + Lomb  Nacelle series - www.lacelle.com.my

Did you girls know that doing a lot of chemicals, styling and perming can lead to seriously damaged hair. Especially the tip of the hair which is always dry, frizzy and not manageable sometimes. I'm not sure about you all, but my hair is really damaged after all the hair colouring and styling.       

 I'm sure no one likes the look of flyaway and dry hair right? Therefore, we must do something about it. Of course, doing hair treatment at the hair salon is one of the more expensive ways to maintain a healthy hair. But, it can be quite costly and time consuming sometimes. Now with the new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner, you can have your hair treatment every day at home and it’s much more affordable.

If you want to get rid of dry and frizzy hair, you should start using the new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner now! By doing this you can maintain healthy hair all day long without spending a lot of money.

Makeup became a fun and ever-changing part of my daily routine now. 

Shower. Makeup. Hair. Outfit. Boom. Instant confidence. For me, Loving makeup does not make you insecure. Makeup is about highlighting your best qualities, not hiding your worst. Sure, it's great to conceal a pimple here or there, but makeup isn't about putting on a mask; it's about learning how to emphasize your favorite things about yourself.

I used to have really bad skin condition last time. There is a time i had acne all over my face, super sensitive skin. Therefore, I'm extra selective and careful at the products that i put on my skin. 
If you follow my social media platforms long enough, you will realize that i rarely go for a beach vacation. Most of my travel destinations are just cities and mostly are during winter time. This July, i finally have a beach vacation with #TripofWonders Indonesia. Of course, it is even better when i have my travel companion Bobo and Nana with me for this trip.

We went to Lombok after Makassar. Read more about Makassar - HERE

Gili Island is just 20-30 mins away, we took the speed boat to Gili Island from Lombok. Well, The Gili Islands are primarily known for 3 things: party, diving and snorkeling. But ACTUALLY, there are much more things you can do. Island hoping, taking picture and chilling by the beach is my favourite things to do. 
During the day, You can also go for Snorkeling trip (100,000 Rp ). Snorkeling trips in a glass bottom boat last from 10am – 3.30pm. They take you to three different snorkeling locations around Gili Meno and Gili Air; and then you stop at the other island for lunch.

I never really had a holiday like this before. Just sit there and watch the world go by.

We went to GILI AIR 
Most bars and restaurants offer sun protected loungers or giant cushions on the beach where you can simply enjoy a delicious, cool Bintang or a fresh fruit juice and of course eat something while marveling at the wonderful view. What can i ask for more? 

 Back to GILI TAWANGAN ISLAND after snorkelling. 

We stayed on Gili Trawangan. There are no vehicles on the Gili islands so transport is by foot, bicycle or horse. Renting a bicycle is around 50,000 rp if i’m not mistaken. You can easily find bike rent anywhere in the island. It takes approximately one hour to cycle around it and two hours to walk.

Catching the Gili Sunset is a MUST for this entire trip! Gili has the most famous sunset with the signature swing right there. I’m sure this looks familiar to most of you right. 
Yay! That’s the Ombak Sunset

The islands are very relaxed and laid-back, with countless little beachside cafes still playing reggae and no cars or motorbikes to disturb the peace. 

Don’t forget to GET A MASSAGE

Yes, Get a massage! Pamper yourself! If you enjoy massage services, Gili is the place to do just that. You can get cheap massages everywhere on the island from 100,000


The Villa Ombak bring the theme of traditional resort built by local heritage as well as Ombak Sunset is touched by modern and sophisticated culture. It is situated on the popular western side of the Gili Island, Gili Trawangan, Hotel Vila Ombak is the perfect island escape with tropical gardens and carefully designed rooms that complement the surrounding Indonesian islands and landscapes. 
At Hotel Vila Ombak youll find 8 styles of accommodation each designed to complement the unique surroundings of the various Indonesian islands and specially appointed to match your holiday needs and budget. 

We stayed in the Delux Ombak Room

The breakfast is good, especially the view! I don’t mind doing this every morning

For more information about the hotel, visit their official website at - http://www.vilaombak.com

That’s all for my Gili’s vacation. Up next - Bangyuwangi!

That’s where the adventures begins.


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