24 August 2015

Solution for Post Acne

Dear readers, so i'm back again to update about my skin condition after so long. Sorry, I've been busy with works and stuff, don't really have time to update. I'm sure for those who followed me in my social media platform probably know that i've been suffering with acne for the past few years and now it is post acne scars that left. I've been doing a lot of treatment to lighten it up, patiently. 

Here's a clearer photo of my redness scars and some sunken acne scars. 

I'm happy to say that my skin are getting better compare to last time. At least, there's not much active acne popping out from my face. Once in a while, if i didn't take good care of my health/skin/hygienic..there is some congested pore and will causes me to have 1-2 pimples. But it's normal because it's not that kind of "actively" one. Therefore, i'm still working hard to achieve a healthier skin. Patiently. 

I know there is a lot of people out there who are suffering from acne/ acne scars. 
Here is a solution for you guys who are looking for a medical proven, trustable product to apply on your face. Due to my sensitive skin, i'm very careful to all the skin care i pick. 
I always make sure that it is fragrance free.
So far, i've found this Hiruscar post acne gel which is suitable for post acne scars like me.

20 August 2015

Hard work will never betray you

I'm happy to say that i'm back to my own track, hitting the gym, keep myself active no matter how busy i am. I'm been hitting the gym quite often lately because the gym that i joined, Celebrity Fitness had just opened their new outlet which is just 10 minutes away from my place. No more reason to skip the gym now. Good for me. hehehe. 

People out there often asked me the same question when they see me…"Do you go to the gym EVERYDAY?" Okay, Everyday? No, i don't go to the gym everyday, but if i'm hard working enough..i will go for 3-5 days a week. My body need a rest time too. I always have my own routine depends on my body condition. I don't always go hard, i will only go hard whenever i feel like it. I will push myself hard when i'm in the better condition (This is what i learnt, to avoid injuries ) Reason is because i used to push myself real hard last time and i've hurt my lower back. It's time to work it right now.

Here's my alternative..Besides lifting weights, i did joined classes in Celebrity Fitness too. 
I don't join classes very often last time but now i joined! It is super fun compare to my usual routine. So normally, i will pick 1-2 days to join the classes that matches my schedule / i've no idea what to do at the gym that day. So far.. i've tried RPM, Yoga, and Bosu Class. Will share about my experience soon.

As you all know, i'm passionate in fitness for such a long time and NOW…i'm finally taking a move to move further. Yes, I'm currently taking a certified personal trainer courses!! WHY? Because i want to gain more knowledge, in a right way. To learn the correct method, the right information to apply on myself or even on people around me who have no idea what to do with their body. So…Yay! Wait for me to finish my courses! Meanwhile, i will be sharing what i've learnt in my blog or social media. So, stay tuned. 

13 August 2015

Inner Beauty

What is the definition of beauty? 

A perfect face proportion? A skinny and hot body? Many people in this world have their own definition of what beauty is. Beauty can come from inside or the outside. Every individual has different ways of explaining what beauty is. ... Normally, the outer beauty is the first impression somebody gets by looking at another. Secondly, a person's soul is what makes them beautiful from this inside. My definition of beauty is felt in our heart in many ways. A person who has confidence and healthy would certainly look more attractive compare to others. 

Of course, I'm still far from my goals. Therefore, I'm consistently working hard to improving myself inside out, to feel good about myself. For example : changing my lifestyle, eating healthier, exercise regularly, take supplement, think positive etc. 

Believe it or not, i'm a super lazy person when it comes to eat supplement. I want everything to be simple and fast to get all the nutrients i need. That's why i'm choosing these for myself lately ...