23 November 2015

BioTHIK @ Avillion Port Dickson

Finally have time to blog about the BIOTHIK event earlier at Avilion, Port Dickson. It was a short getaway, each of us get to experience the BIOTHIK haircare and spa. We also get to know more about scalp. It was such an unforgettable and fulfilling experience.

Hair loss is a universal marker for aging, with ones locks gradually diminishing over time. Your body slowly changes as well, with more sagging and wrinkles and ones muscle mass decreasing. However, hair loss can also occur suddenly at a young age, making you appear much older than you actually are. Do you know that, Hair loss affects 1/2 of the people around the world. It is the major concern for most Malaysians. Although hair loss may seem like a more prominent problem in men, women are nearly as likely to lose, or have thinning, hair. Many people facing hair loss suffer in silence, altering their hairstyle to hide thinning or patches. But the sooner you seek care, the better the chances of successfully treating. 

19 November 2015

Comfort Zone

Our society encourages us to seek comfort. Even the products and services advertised nowadays are designed to make us more comfortable, effortless and less challenge. Of course, we do enjoy what technology has brought us. But, is that what our lives suppose to be?

I've been really struggle for the past few months, not determined enough to chase after my dream

You know what, I always wanted to run my own business ever since i graduated. 
But I'm very insecure with myself and I have low self-esteem and there's always this fear of getting into trouble. Someone told me that I'm just being too fearful, i feel stress on something that hasn't even started yet. That's ridiculous, but that's me. I feel unsure with my decision, fears.

The only thing that's stopping me

Goodbye Gummy Smile

The simple act of smiling does far more than just make you look friendly

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”
This is absolutely true. Whether you are female or male, a smile is all you need to complete your beauty! I have always said: “There is nothing more attractive than a man with a smile!”. LOL.

But how to get a best smile after all? 

That's the problem. When i laugh naturally, my mouth became really big. I have a gummy smile.
My upper lips will automatically lift up too when i talk (showing too much of my gum), it's a very bad habit but i can't help it.