Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Fashion is important because, if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to put on a clean presentable outfit, you would feel really good about yourself. It's presenting yourself. BUT, My kind of "style" is kinda boring. Because i'm a lazy person, i like to dress up but i'm lazy to put on "too much" sometimes…By right, I'm just not a very FASHIONABLE person. I prefer something casual, something really common. Maybe just a piece of dress with a plain color heels, or a plain color top with a denim short.. THAT'S IT! loll… 

& guess what i've found lately? It's a Singapore based boutique! I love all their clothes.

Here's some look of myself from www.hollyhoque.com

They are a Singapore based fashion label and have been in the industry for around 6 years already!
Apart from having an online store, they also have 1 store in Far East Plaza #01-31 and another store opening at Orchard Gateway in April. Almost 90% of their apparels are self manufactured, so you won't find them selling anywhere else!

They do accept Paypal & Maybank transfer for Malaysian buyers 

Some outfits detail i got from www.hollyhoque.com

Night Cropped Top + Monochrome loving floral skirt 
something simple, cropped top is really awesome, it matches everything!
Florals are summer essential, and this floral dress is no exception. The pretty floral pattern will bring your wardrobe into full bloom, while the criss cross back gives your look a cheeky edge. Slip on your strappy heels with minimal accessories and you are good to go!
Made of Chiffon with inner lining. ONE of my favorite dress!! :D
Invest in a simple staple with a little something extra when you go for this multi strap dress.
The strap detail does all the work of a statement necklace! Team with a pair of skyscraper heels and a sliver cuff for an elegant chic evening. Made of polyester nylon materia, fully lined, back zip.
Guess what, although they are based in Singapore.. BUT they ship to Malaysia!!

and WAIT!! Dear readers, i have another good news for you all...
ENTER discount code: karenmsia for free registered shipping (Worth SGD6) 

alright …...
Visit their website for more! http://www.hollyhoque.com
 or their Facebook page at Hollyhoque

For any enquries, feel free to email hollyhoque@gmail.com (: 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

AIberia Product Review

Your face is the first part of the body you look at every day and is certainly what others see first. So it's really important to take care of it. Agree? hehehe. Using the right products for your skin is very important. Fill the skin with what it needs. For me, I'm more concern about the moisture level, because applying moisturisers are a great way of protecting skin. When your skin lacks moisture it can become dry, oily and hard to put on make up. That's why, it's important to keep our skin hydrate all the time.

I'm here to do a review of this Aiberia Skin Care, it's from Taiwan. I'm not sure whether you all heard of it before, but there's a lot of people & blogger using this now. The main ingredient of this series is Sodium Hyaluronate (玻尿酸). It helps to lock all the moisture, restore moisture and repair dry skin and improve the elasticity of the skin. It's suitable for all skin type (especially dry skin), even sensitive skin like me can use it too. You know what i love the most about this product? It's their moisture level! Alberia Sodium Hyaluronate series gives really good moisture without feeling sticky on my skin all day long. 

Alright, check this out! here's the Aiberia Sodium Hyaluronate series
Including cleanser + cleansing net, toner, serum and moisturizer 
Just a few easy step to use it.

Cleansing always come first. Deep cleansing helps to create a clear skin.
Cleanser -- Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (氨基酸介面活性剂) :This cleanser helps to lower the stimulation/ zero stimulate to the skin and provide gentle & mild cleansing to the skin. (Reduce dryness and tightness to the skin after face wash) Well, there's a net come together with the cleanser, it create bubbles which enable us to deep cleansing the pore. It creates a lot of bubbles. it helps to wash away the dirt and oil more easily. 
Here's a picture of the foam without using the cleansing net. Less bubbles.
This is the one using the cleansing foam with net. Much more foam than without using the net.
It is important to cleanse your skin every night to remove make-up, impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil.  Remember to clean your skin every morning after wake up & every night before you go to bed. Keep away the germs and pore clogs. 
My skin feels so refreshing after cleansing.

Toning is an important second step that completes the cleansing process. This toner gives high penetration to the skin, achieve good effects of absorption to the skin which provides deep moisture, prevent skin peel off and minimize the pore. Just a few drop and dap it on the skin until it's fully absorb. I love this, It's not sticky at all. 


It helps to lock the moisture into our skin, provides longer hydration. 
I don't really use Serum on my face because it's sticky, but this one is super lightweight, feels comfortable after applying it. It gives really good hydration. Love it :D
apply this after using the toner. Just pump 2-3 drops on your hand, and apply it on your face.


This is one of the best seller. It's water base cream moisturizerThe water particles contains more than 90% moisturizing composite,  which can retain moisture as hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It can also help to reduce dryness, itching and burning of the skin and helps form an excellent base for the growth of new cells.
Dry and flaky skin like me can easily be treated and brought back to life with this. Aiberia skin care contains a premium grade of the hyaluronic acid. Using Aiberia hyaluronic acid products will improve the tone and texture of your skin, will fully hydrate your skin cells and is easy to apply. The absorption is surprisingly good. Never leave a sticky feels at all.  Can use it day & night for daily moisture 

Alright, i know everyone is more concern about the price. No worries, it's very affordable.

Here's the Price List:
Cleanser: RM 36
Toner: RM 66
Serum: RM 105
Cream: RM 85

Even the famous tv program "女人我最大" also featured about this products too. Check it out :)
Alright, that's all for today's sharing.
For more information, visit their website 


Friday, 4 April 2014

[ADV] OHLA Tapas & Cocktails,The Intermark

Looking for some new place for dinner? I'm here to introduce you all a new dining place in town. OHLA Tapas & Cocktails, it's located in The Intermark KL ( beside DOME cafe) Remember to pay a visit if you fancy tapas & cocktails. It’s very nice to go out with your friends and have some tapas during weekend. It's a nice place to chill out with friends too. 
OHLA is setup like a traditional tapas bar with a long dining bar with high bar stools – no low dining tables here. However, unlike the more rustic and traditional tapas bars in Spain, OHLA has a modern and chic design with colourful wallpaper and floor to ceiling glass panes which you can peer through to view the Twin Towers and KL’s busy bustling traffic go by.
Here's a photo of the interior. Very modern & unique.

While waiting for our food 

OHLA is helmed by Toni Ruiz, head cook at Ohla, who has cooked in some of the finest restaurants in Spain, one of them being Mugaritz – a renowned restaurant in San Sebastian, and at El Celler de Can Roca, recently voted the best restaurant in the world. Toni is a passionate young chef who cooks pure Catalan menu – no fusion Malaysian/ European stuff here.

The menu at OHLA is what you would get in a top tapas restaurant in Barcelona. Toni displays his skills and leads his team from an open kitchen, equipped with a specially-imported Josper charcoal-fired oven.

I love TAPAS, because it's all in small portions. I love tapas because it's a great way to have as many new taste experiences as possible in one evening.

Tapas of the night : 
Mixed Salad – RM22.00

We had salad as starter. Mixed salad decorated with flowers, onion, apple, tomato and grapes dressing with honey and nuts vinaigrette – a light, but definitely tasty salad with dabs of blue cheese from the Roncal valley, this one was quite a pretty sight. 

Grilled Scallops with Pork Belly – RM40.00

Scallops wrapped in savoury Iberico pork belly then grilled in the aforementioned Josper charcoal-fired oven. A delicious and tantalising combination of seafood and meat served on a bed of lemon mashed potato. A well balanced dish which imparted a host of different flavours and textures and was beautifully presented on a fan shaped shell.

Seared Foie Gras – RM55.00

I love FOIE GRAS! This one is served with a creamy potato puree, black truffle shavings, and a beautiful poached egg yolk. This was simply a delectable mishmash of flavours and textures. The earthiness of the truffle, richness of the foie gras, and the creaminess of the egg and potato puree. A must-try dish at OHLA!

Roasted Chicken Cannelloni with mushrooms and parsley oil – RM35.00

The cannelloni is like a Spanish “popiah” stuffed with roasted chicken and with earthy mushrooms topped with a rocket salad drizzled with parsley oil. The skin of the cannelloni is tapa, which is milk skin used in place of pasta.

Wagyu Steak with baby pots and salad – RM100.00

That is how you should cook a steak – gloriously pink medium rare! This is my favorite dishes of the night! I'm a big fans of Waygu steak! Served with mustard herbs butter and baby roasted potatoes and meat sauce, this dish was really to die for! Tender and flavourful strips of wagyu which barely needed the sauce to complement it. The mustard herbs butter added a nice richness and twist of flavours while the baby roasted potatoes were a delight to eat.

Mediterranean Seafood Black Rice – RM45.00

Langoustines on squid ink rice with a dollop of aioli on the side to provide a little extra richness. I personally love langoustines which are shellfish known by a few different names – Norway lobster, Dublin Bay prawn or scampi (as you will hear quite often in Masterchef Australia).  This dish is rather similar to traditional Spanish paella but it the rice was infused with squid ink and a langoustine broth which made it superbly flavourful.

Spanish Cheeses – RM25.00

Spanish cheeses with apple, walnuts and quince paste – a platter of three cheeses with the mild Rocinate Ovesa Manchego Curado (cured goat’s cheese), to Queso Manchego D.O. Ovesa Semicurado (semi cured), to the strong Valdeon Blue Cheese Leon. Served with crusty warm bread, this is a meal in itself for ardent fans of cheese!
For all the CHEESE lover! You will love this!

There was a constant flow of drinks being served throughout the night, from Vilarnau, Alvear, Cava, Moscatel, whiskey, sparklings to signature cocktails. 

Although we are feeling full…BUT, There's always room for dessert. Is there anything better than having a dessert after meal? Dessert never fails to put a smile on our face.

Chocolate Ice Cream with vanilla & white chocolate soup – RM25.00

The presentation for this dish left everyone with ooohs and ahhhs! The vanilla and white chocolate soup was poured over the chocolate ice cream with chopped strawberries and small bits of chocolate which were eventually drowned in the soup. This provided both a contrast of flavours and textures in the mouth! Love it !

Yours truly & Chenellewen, we are pretty satisfy with all the food.
I had a great night of being fascinated with amazing spanish tapas.
Last but not least, a group photo with all the pretty ladies

OHLA Tapas and Cocktails is located at:

G-18 Ground Floor
The Intermark,
348 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Telephone: 017-870 0536

Remarks: Prices are nett (inclusive of the prevailing taxes)

Operating Hours:

Monday and Tuesday: 18:00 – 22:00
Wednesday: 18:00 – 00:00
Thursday: 18:00 – 22:00
Fri – Sat: 18:00 – 00:00
Closed on Sundays.

More info on Ohla’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/OhlaTapasCocktails

Photo credits: Ohla and Andy Kho Photography (http://andykho.com)
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