Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Greetings from HK

Greetings from Hong Kong!

Travel is full of Happiness. I enjoy traveling around so much!
It's another last minute trip i booked last week & here i am in Hong Kong right now.

This is probably the 3/4 times i travel to Hong Kong, the last time i visited here is years ago.
I can't even remember WHEN! ….Can you imagine how long is it? I don't remember anything about HK, this place is a bit strange for me. I did some last minute research online before i fly here. But most of the information is not-good-enough for ME.

 I've no idea how to plan my whole trip. *just follow the flow*

Just landed at HK yesterday morning. 
It was a morning flight, i don't even have time to sleep the night before i fly. *insomnia kills*

If you ask me what i like about Hong Kong, i would say…the view. Especially at night.
 Tall buildings sitting side by side dominate this beautiful city. I'm planning to go to Victoria Harbor at night to enjoy the night view of HK. But it's typhoon out there, raining at night. Ruined my plans.

 My Travel Essentials 

Thank you Wiyo for sending me a pocket wifi in Hong Kong once i touched down.
I don't have to look around to get a local sim card anymore this time!

Now i get to updates my Instagram ANYTIME i want! hehehehe :D

So far, i've visited Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central & The Peak!
But still, i can't find any nice places to shop ( something suitable for me i mean)

Maybe I still NOT FAMILIAR with this placeeeeeeeee

Give me some idea, where should i go? 

Thank youuuuuu :D

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Kyo Roll En @Bangkok.

You know what's the best thing about traveling? 
It's you get to try ALL the food we don't have it in Malaysia. There's less guilty when i eat all the sinful food in overseas because i was keep telling myself that "i am on vacation, it's okay to eat".. 

What an excuses! Hahaha. 

I've been to Bangkok a lot of times. If you ask me what's the best desserts place in Bangkok. I would highly recommend you to go AFTERYOU (center world/siam paragon), Mango Tango, but if you're looking for some special and nice cafe…You can go to Mr.Jones Cafe in Siam Center.. So this time, i'm trying to find something NEW to try! Guess what i found? Yes, KYOTO LIFESTYLE CAFE.

Friday, 5 September 2014

20 Facts about ME

"20 facts about me" seems to be the latest trend now, i found it quite interesting. Thank you for tagging me, you know who you are. I'm not going to share it in Instagram because i hate typing using my phone (First Fact) .Therefore, I'm going to share it here...In my blog. Reveal some random facts about myself. Btw, 20 is not enough for me, i think i need 200 facts. But i know no one wants to read it if it's too long..Hahaha. So i will do it 20 first. There's no harm telling. Add on, I wish people could understand me better too. 

There you go.. Hope you guys enjoy this post. 

1. I love my family, a lot a lot. 

2. I'm the only daughter in my family

3. I'm 23 this year and i feel very very very old already. 

4. I love sports. I'm a gym addict. I feel super uncomfortable and depressed if i don't work my ass off.

5. My real name is Kho Xiao Tung. I've no idea why there's a "XIAO" in my name. I'm not xiao (Small) at ALL.. Hahahaha.

6. I love my bf, hopefully he won't cheat on me and our relationship can last forever. 

7. i DREAM every single night (weird, horror, violent, alien etc)
*insomnia sucks*

8. I LOVE TO TRAVEL!! a lot a lot a lot! Wish i could travel to europe country one day!

9. I over stressed myself, all the time! Because i'm a perfectionist Virgo. 

10. I'm very stubborn, emotional and BAD TEMPERED girl ( my bf & my friends said that)

11. I'm not good in socializing people

12. I'm SHY sometimes, i blush whenever i feel uncomfortable 

13. I always plan about my future, i dream BIG! 

14. I'm a full time blogger and i owned an online boutique

15. I don't have armpit hair, idk why. I just don't have it! LOL! 

16. I love to SING, but i'm shy to sing in front of not-so-close friends

17. I love to eat raw garlic, raw onion, super spicy chilies. I need either one to complete my food. Seriously…It's something i can't live without. ( I love spicy food)

18. I want my food to be HOT (so that i can feel like i'm eating something into my stomach), i don't feel like eating it if it's cold or leftovers. 

19. I wanna get rich and successful in the future, but i hope it's something i gain it with my future husband. Building our empire and future together. That's romantic

20. I don't eat chewing gum, i hate it 

Ooopps, 20 already? Thought i could type more..hahahaha

Alright, I'm done with mine 

What about you? 
*The one who's reading this*

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